Live from Iraq

By Stewart Nusbaumer

Surviving in Mosul Stuggling to survive after a horrific explosion.

Street Without Joy
Will Bush’s surge secure Baghdad’s bloodiest block?

Good Morning, al-Adhamiya
In one of Baghdad's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Squiring Out Of Baghdad
Is the surge ending or dispersing the insurgency?

With PTT in Heet
A Marine unit training and equipping the Iraq Police.

Embed in Trouble
What is a journalist to do with attacked by a U.S. Army biggie? Go to the bigger?

Four Days in Dulab
In a small, dangerous town in the most violent province in Iraq.


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Category: Commentary

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  Commentary: Humanitarian Guns for Burmese Guerrillas
  While the U.S. fights an unwise, unnecessary war in Iraq, wisdom and morality say we should equip Burmese guerrillas to wage war against their vicious government.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: The Burning of America
  Every day the news is horrible, every day Bush damages America more -- what should we do?
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: It's Come Home to Roost
  The Bush Administration has been doing a lot of bad, from an immoral war to ignoring Americans to slashing federal budgets, so don't be surprised that bad is now swamping New Orleans.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Time to Think, Not for Action
  This is not the time to slam Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, not to give Bush a break, but to give ourselves credibility to win future wars.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Dutch Reject European Constitution
  Dutch voters joined French voters in rejecting the European Constitution, ending for now the effort to create a "United States of Europe."
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: French Reject European Constitution
  In a stunning reversal of roles, France went from champion of European integration to staunch defender of French nationalism.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: A Letter To Veterans: What Now?
  Veterans have failed to stop or even slow this horrible war. Is it time for something more radical?
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: It's Vietnam Again!
  Iraqis understand how to defeat the U.S. military machine, and they are; America, here comes another Vietnam!
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Seeing Iraq as Another Vietnam
  With violence rising and insurgency spreading, is the media moving from cheerleading the Iraq War to questioning if Iraq is another Vietnam?
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Republicans Insult Wounded Veterans
  A wounded combat veteran awarded the Purple Heart is outraged that Republicans have mocked his Purple Heart medal and dishonored all Americans wounded in war.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Whole Lot of Screamin' Goin' On
  Republicans manufacture and the media distributes the smears and the lies to drown out the real issues. Will this campaign ever get around to the issues?
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: It's George's Turn
  The media scrutinized John Kerry's military service yet hardly examined George Bush's military history; it's time for the media to ask Bush some hard questions.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Ralph, Don't Run!
  Nader is considering another run for the presidency; four years ago Ralph gave Americans an interesting alternative to Bush & Gore, this time Ralph could give Americans four more years of brutal, insane war.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: "Better in Middle East than in Middle America"
  Donald Rumsfeld says our war in Iraq makes America secure, the truth is our war in Iraq makes Americans unsafe.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: The Darkening of The American Dream
  Here we go again, an overextended military overseas, a depressed economy at home, and the darkening of the American Dream.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Where Are My Shoes?
  Conservatives are strong supporters of national defense, but are they supportive of veterans needs?
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: Gone
  Senator Paul Wellstone is gone: progressives have lost a dynamic voice for 1960s liberalism; the US Senate has lost a shining example of idealism and compassion; both military veterans and antiwar activists have lost a best friend; the country has lost a man that refused to be controlled by opinion polls and refused to hug the safe political center.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Commentary: The Abuses Of 9/11
  In the name of public service, the American public is being fed distortions and lies in the service of selfish politics.
By Stewart Nusbaumer

  Live from Kabul

By Stewart Nusbaumer

On the Road to Kabul
Is Afghanistan progressing and becoming more stable -- or slipping back into civil war?

The Morning the Apple Exploded
An inside view of an Afghanistan beginning to explode, one apple at a time.

The Kabul Rumble
There are many dangers in Afghanistan, but one is seldom mentioned.

"Every Missile Was a Painkiller"
Afghanistan is an enigma wrapped in pain with a future that is anyone’s guess.

Kabul Erupts in Gunfire
A spark becomes a riot and Stewart is surrounded by gunfire.

Bombed in Afghanistan
With reality confusing and fear rising, illusions are manufactured as fast as drinks can be consumed.

Unfinished Business
Defeat in Iraq would be a humiliation, defeat in Afghanistan could be a real threat.

A Diffferent Fireworks
On the 4th of July in Kabul there was a different type of fireworks.

Where Did The Dough Go?
Billions have been donated for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, so where did the money go?

On The Edge
It's simple why we're not winning the hearts and minds of Afghans and nation-building is a diaster.


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  Live from China

By Stewart Nusbaumer


Astounded in China
China’s development is stunning and its power is growing quickly; will America become a lapdog for the Asian dragon?

Bombed in Beijing
Yes China’s development is stunning, but not as stunning as the Goddess of Tiananmen Square.

Enigma or Bomb?
It's a weird world with weird Americans making it hard to tell what is really real.

Tongue-Tied & Stomach Pumped
While their language tells us about Chinese society, their cuisine tells us about a very dirty political secret.

Drinking & Driving
Driving in China teaches you to appreciate airplanes; drinking the booze will probably turn you into a tea drinker.

Sexpots Galore
When sex merges with politics, the Big Dog authorities never win.




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